Company policies


Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR is the result of an entrepreneurial philosophy which successfully drives the Servatur group on the path of continuous improvement. We strictly comply with our social responsibilities, integrating ourselves in the community where we carry out our business activities and respecting the environment. However, we consider that all of this is not enough and therefore we engage thoroughly with certain issues which concern and interest us for different reasons.

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Purchasing policy

Like all tourist companies, at Servatur we have a relationship with many different providers from all fields and specialities. Our success must be shared with them, as does the impact of our business in our near and not-so-near environment, in the present and the future.

We have the chance to build partnerships based on common development objectives, aligning our mutual principles. Our purchasing policy is our key framework to set out the bases of these partnerships and grow in a sustainable manner.

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Environmental policy

It is our duty and responsibility to protect the space where we coexist. The environment provides us with the natural resources we need to carry out our activities. They are our natural assets, free yet limited, which is why we must use them sustainably in order to carry on enjoying them.

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Quality policy

We want to make sure that we meet and surpass the expectations of our guests, staff, collaborators, providers, owners and other groups of interest. We also want to be sure that the way we achieve this respects our ethical and business principles and the way to do it is through personalised quality management.

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