Environmental Policy

We are aware of the impact that our business activity has on the environment and, as such, of the importance of protecting the environment in order to maintain the socio-cultural, ecological and economic balance of our region. We are also aware of the footprint that our actions will leave on the environment and assume our responsibility towards future generations.

We believe it is essential to be able to offer our clients an authentic destination where they can enjoy an environment that is cared for and respected. We understand sustainability as the balance between care for the environment, integration in the tourist destination and the use of local products and services. All of this is fundamental for both economic success and to maintain the levels of quality expected by the client.

We comply with all environmental laws and regulations and integrate environmental objectives into all departments of the company, involving all our stakeholders and interest groups in the same.

Our objectives are as follows:

  • Conserving natural resources. Reducing pollution and preventing water shortages, especially in the Canary Islands, must be a priority objective for all companies that do business here.
  • Maintain and optimise electricity and water savings.
  • To carry out a continuous study on energy saving in order to incorporate the most innovative measures in our establishments.
  • Obtain sustainability certification in all our hotels.
  • Reduce the use of paper. A document management project aimed at significantly reducing the use of paper.
  • Contribute to the sustainable development of our municipality. Refurbishment of our establishments is essential if we are to maintain quality tourism over time.