Purchasing Policy

We want partners with whom we can build a long-term relationship of mutual respect and two-way communication. We believe that our suppliers should be partners in our commitment to implementing sustainable and innovative measures.

We believe in ethical, environmentally and socially responsible purchasing. We select our suppliers based on their sustainability commitments, such as respect for labour conditions, minimum wages, workers’ rights and strict compliance with the law.

As a result, our purchasing decisions take into account not only value for money but also local development, fair prices, the defence of human rights and the improvement of working conditions.

We seek responsible sourcing through the purchase of only those products or services that are necessary, thereby avoiding overstocking.

As far as possible, we purchase from local suppliers as, in accordance with our local community policy, we seek to promote and improve the economic and social conditions in our region.

We also try to minimise waste by buying products in large formats.

Our management is carried out in accordance with our corporate values, acting with maximum transparency towards all our stakeholders.