Quality Policy

Our guests are our most valuable asset. All our efforts are geared towards continuous improvement of the services we offer and we are committed to quality standards with which we aim to exceed our guests’ expectations. Our quality management is based on the following objectives:

  • Continuous improvement in our products and services, with regular customer satisfaction assessment.
  • Teamwork, as we are aware that better results are achieved when everyone participates.
  • Getting to know our customers in order to be able to adapt our offer to their needs and preferences.
  • To offer the customer excellent service. It is important to us to be cordial, empathetic, always friendly and professional.
  • To have optimal and efficient processes. We continuously review our operational processes in an effort to optimise them and ensure they are always efficient.
  • To review the annual global objectives.
  • Our goal is to ensure the total satisfaction of our clients.
  • At Servatur we create and implement manuals and procedures aligned with the company’s policies. On the basis of these processes, our management evolves and allows us to advance towards the attainment of these objectives.