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Club Servatur Conditions

  • 10% Off all your bookings

    If you sign up for Club Servatur you will always have the best price over the standar rates available.

    In addition, the Club Servatur discount* may be combined with other discounts in some occasions.

    * Not applied to packages or external services such as transfers from/to the airport, vehicle renting, booking of leisure activities outside the hotel…

  • Exclusive offers, discounts and news

    Enjoy priority access to offers, discounts and exclusive news.

    Remember to tick the appropriate box on the registration form or in your customer area so that we can reward your loyalty the way you deserve.

  • Favourite room

    Do you have a favourite room?

    Booking with Club Servatur we give you priority on the room allocation, always depending on the type of room you wish to book* and on the availability of the day of your arrival. Just remember to write your preferences in the comment section of the booking.

    If your favourite room isn’t available on the day of your arrival, we’ll offer you a free change to another room of your choice, of the same type as the room you’ve booked, as soon as it’s available.

    * Check the room characteristics before booking and contact us for any doubt.

  • Extended check-out 5 p.m

    Do you like staying up late? Do you have a late flight?

    By booking with Club Servatur you can enjoy a few more hours in the room without additional cost.

    Available for direct bookings with a minimum stay of three nights.

    Subject to availability.

    Confirmation always on departure day.


You can join Club Servatur at any time through the members area of Club Servatur or while you are booking a stay through our website by activating the discount code and selecting the option “Yes, I want to join Club Servatur and I accept the terms and conditions” before finalising your booking.

Membership conditions

Membership is granted on a personal and non-transferable level, in the name of a natural person aged 18 or over, proof of which must be able to be provided when requested. ​

Servatur reserves the right to cancel a user’s membership at any given moment, should unlawful use be made of said status or if the user behaves inappropriately in any of the establishments belonging to Servatur Hotels & Resorts.

Rules of use

The offers, discounts and novelties will be sent by email, as long as you have provided your explicit consent for us to do so. Rest assured that you can unsubscribe at any time and with just one click, though we are sure you are going to love our offers. ​

If you perform the booking through the website of Servatur, you will need to access with your user and password in order to obtain the special rates and discounts of Club Servatur, or you can sign up to Club Servatur during the booking process.

If you booked by email, phone or at the counter of one of our establishments, you will have to provide personal information to verify your membership. Said data could be the identification number on a valid and current ID, date of birth, email and even references to a previous stay, such as the hotel where you last stayed and the approximate dates of your stay. ​

No type of discount, gratuity or other benefit can be exchanged for cash.


Servatur reserves the right to cancel or change the conditions of Club Servatur completely or partially at any time. The company will inform the members of Club Servatur as soon as possible about its cancellation or any changes made to it and, in any case, will publish said changes on the Servatur website. The company assumes no liability for damage or possible losses caused to the user as a result of any changes to the conditions or the cancellation of the member status of Club Servatur.


Though we are very sorry you should decide to stop being a part of Club Servatur, you can unsubscribe at any time and with only one click by accessing the members area of your account.