Servatur Puerto Azul

An even bigger experience

At Servatur Puerto Azul Holiday Resort we want to take your holidays to another level. For that, we present a new and exclusive service, designed to make your stay with us even more special.

After confirming your reservation, you will be able to choose in which area you prefer your room to be located, and even request your favorite room on the virtual map of the resort before your arrival.

With the locator of your booking you can see and select on the map where the type of room you have booked is located, and even anticipate the view you will have upon arrival. If you want to make a request or even select your desired room, you can also do so and thus before your arrival we will know your preferences. If you prefer to change the type of room reserved, you can also update it and pay the difference upon arrival at the establishment.

*Please note that this service depends on the hotel availability upon arrival. If we are unable to assign you your desired room, we will try to offer you one located in the closest area and as similar as possible.

Check the Terms and Conditions of this service for more information.

Advantages of booking on this website

Best Price
Club Servatur
More availability
More flexibility
Payment on arrival*
*Other conditions may apply to some rates

Choose your room on the map

Terms and conditions

⦁ This service is subject to availability.

⦁ Once the request is received, the hotel will respond within a maximum period of 72 hours.

⦁ Due to operational and availability reasons upon arrival, your request may not be fulfilled. In that case, an alternative as similar as possible will be offered.

⦁ Available from 45 days up to 15 days in advance of your arrival date.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of Choose Your Room?

With Choose Your Room you can choose the area and room number for your stay at our hotel. Do you prefer to have a sea view with afternoon sun or be closer to the pool? Choose for yourself.

When is this service available?

You can use Choose Your Room up to 45 days in advance and up to 15 days before your arrival.

How much does it cost to use Choose Your Room?

If you have made the reservation through our website, the selection of your room is free, unless you want to change to a room type superior to the one reserved, in which case the price difference will be calculated. If you have made the reservation through another sales channel, the cost for selecting your room is 30€.

How do I make the payment for using Choose Your Room?

Payment for selecting the room will be made upon arrival at our hotel.