Servatur Hotels


Corporate social responsibility

Servatur Philosophy

Our CSR is the result of a business philosophy which the Servatur Group successfully carries out on the path of constant improvement. We strictly comply with our social responsibilities, integrating ourselves in the community where we carry out our activities and respecting the environment. However, we consider that this is not enough and we deeply involve ourselves in certain areas which concern and interest us for different reasons:

We must carry out a sustainable business activity. This involves undergoing important yet essential changes if we want to have a future. We know that the tourist business has transitioned from ‘renovation’ to ‘innovation or die’ without many stakeholders involved having realised it.

Energy shortage, climate change and the need to implement green and efficient technologies which cut down on CO2 emissions and favour energy saving have motivated us to carry out important measures in that aspect.

One of the main action focuses has been on improving the energy efficiency of the establishments we manage. For this, we have carried out energy audits and a pilot project which has improved our hot water installations and swimming pool heating systems.

The environment. Our commitment involves a series of measures which result in an environmental behaviour in all the areas of our business, summarised on a basic document titled “50 Steps for a Good Environment”.

We are aware of the responsibility we have with our environment, which is why we transfer our action to different areas of influence:

From the Training and Quality Department, Servatur has been admitted into the Environmentally Responsible Companies Network after having taken part in the Environmental Training Programme for the hotel industry.

From the Purchase Department, we convey our interest for the environment to our providers, request specifications on their products which endorse their environmental quality.

From the Sales Department, we regularly collaborate with tour operators and clients in environmental programmes.

From the Internal & External Communications Department, we carry out a permanent campaign to convey our environmental policy to our staff, clients and collaborators.

From the Innovation Department, the projects which Servatur undertakes always have a cross-cutting theme related with energy saving and environmental preservation.

  • We are aware of the importance and need to invest in R&I in our company’s business environment. For this reason, Servatur has signed a patronage agreement with the Las Palmas University Foundation as part of the Innova Canarias 2020 Programme.
  • We also participate in employability policies for young undergraduates via a collaboration agreement with the Las Palmas University Foundation.
  • Commitment to training as a whole is one of the main distinguishing features of our company. Servatur signed a collaboration agreement with the Department of Education of the Canary Islands Government in 1998 which has allowed for the development of the Vocational Training Educational Project within the company, whilst also providing excellent results in interest aspects for all parties involved. As part of its Continuous Training Plan, Servatur regularly welcomes students from different educational institutions on internships, accommodating them into the company in a strict and professional manner, aware of the advantages that this type work provides a company with in the work environment.
  • Accessibility to our tourist destination and the establishments we manage is something which deeply concerns us due to the economic and social importance resulting from the capacity or incapacity to serve a segment of the population (European or from around the world) who wishes to travel and cannot do so. This reality is grossly unfair for this segment of the population but it is equally irresponsible and short sighted from an economical point of view. We are committed to fighting for the dissemination of accessibility culture with the aim of overcoming the lack of awareness regarding this problem.
  • We strive to achieve non-discriminatory treatment in the company’s remuneration and internal-promotion policies, because we know that they are problems which are still very much present in our society.
  • Furthermore, we carry out an active policy to prevent abuse of power by stating the company’s firm opposition towards these kinds of practices and offering support to staff members who may have been subjected to them.

We work intensely so that the company can respond to these abrupt and quick changes which are occurring in society and the business world. Being successful in this task is the greatest future guarantee for a company.