Servatur Hotels


About us

40 years of experience

Founded in 1976, Servatur Hotel & Resorts has been part of the tourist industry in the Canary Islands for over 40 years, striving to provide our guests with a holiday that they will never forget and want to repeat every year.

Creating value

We want to boost our brand through productivity and innovation, creating memorable holiday experiences in line with our clients’ requests and expectations, growing in a sustainable manner and generating value to investors and society with an ambitious and highly motivated team in constant evolution.

Effective and efficient

We maintain a forward-thinking attitude, establishing a culture of continuous improvement where we regularly put our working ways into question in order to permanently optimise our processes. We have a flexible organisation which allows us to expand our activity in a controlled manner.

Fantastic professionals

We want to be a reference in the labour market, being the best working experience for the people who are part of our company by means of an excellent training process and professional development.