Servatur values the “know how” of its employees

February 2014

Servatur Hotel Company has invited its employees to share their way of working in order to increase productivity and unite the processes of the departments.

Servatur, an enterprise group specialized in the Hotel Industry with over 38 years of experience, has gone one step further in its effort to strengthen its corporate identity. The company has invited its employees to create working groups to share and transfer their knowledge. Thus, different teams, from reception, maintenance and food and beverage departments, meet regularly to bring together aspects of each area.

This measure is seen as an innovative action. Servatur gives importance to its work force: employees. This is an opportunity to grow rich and the entity wishes to increase communication among workers in each establishment and lead to better performance and success. For us they are fundamental aspects that show considerably who we are.

Among the actions taken, it emphasizes the unification of the drink menu in the restaurant areas managed by the company, specifically at Servatur Casablanca****, Servatur Green Beach *** and Servatur Puerto Azul ***. The staff has worked to bring together all the criteria’s that influence in the preparation of the beverage from the exact amounts of each ingredient to the presentation of the appetizers. This improvement was displayed at an event that took place at the new 4-star hotel Servatur Casablanca, where company executives witnessed it.