Servatur supports sports and rewards the aces of the sand

Mayo 2014

The Second American Beach Tennis Tournaments League outdoes itself increasing the number of players. Servatur is aware of the importance of sports in order to practice a healthy lifestyle and, for this reason, signed up for second consecutive time, its agreement for collaborating with the organizors,

This time, the competition had two categories and all the events took place at Las Canteras beach (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria).

Servatur congratulates the winners and values their involvement in this tournament which have more lovers of the beach and sports. The winners will enjoy a stay at Hotel Servatur Terrazamar Suite & Sun Suite:

*Senior Female Category: Carolina Benítez

*Senior Male Category: Stilian Stoitsev

* Amateur Female Category: Cristina Pérez

*Amateur Male Category: Carmelo Santana