Servatur collaborates with “La Cicloturista” in its 25th anniversary

December 2013

“La Vuelta Cicloturista Gran Canaria- Costa Mogán” is one of the oldest events of its kind in Europe, and it has celebrated in 2013 its 25th anniversary. Servatur, continuing in its firm commitment to support sport and promote a healthy lifestyle, contributed to this sporting event which took place between 1st and 7th December. Puerto Rico, Vecindario, Pico de las Nieves or Ayacata were some of the places that touring cyclists went through during the five stages scheduled.

High level cyclists

Among the participants, it should be pointed out the figure of Serafin Zubiri, blind cyclist who broke the most difficult phase: to reach Pico de las Nieves. Alfonso Darias was responsible for this great feat too as he was the pilot who accompanied Zubiri during the different days.

Moreover, the professional ex-cyclist Marino Lejarreta was also one of the group. This high-level cyclist achieved the victory in the Tour of Spain in 1982.

“La Cicloturista” is a sport event that creates bonds of respect and social harmony among participants who behave as if they were one big family. No matter the age nor provenance. All are willing to enjoy the experience in an idyllic place as Gran Canaria for this sport, where there is an average of 24ºC in December.


The effort and the ability of self-improvement, from a playful perspective, are the key to this event, which is an international promotion for Gran Canaria and places the island as a quality tourist destination.