Cristina Pérez: "It is almost a family hotel where you will be treated in a very personalized way. This intimacy we wanted to transmit it everywhere"

April 2014

Cristina Pérez Marrero, architectural and graphic designer, specializing in Fine Arts. Commissioned to design the interior of the Servatur Casablanca Hotel ****, with her architect partner Carmelo Arjona.

What was the basis for starting the initial project?

The initial customer need was to create identity. Servatur is a company that has been 38 years serving the tourist industry and almost unknown because it has relied heavily on external factors, in the sense that they have always been managers of hotels. Now it wants to start growing and logically identity is extremely important. Then, based on this principal aspect and adding the needs of the hotel itself, where it offers a service to Scandinavians, this combination resulted in the design. But basically it was to create identity, hence all the elements that are quite personal such as the reception desk, the library and restaurant items, which were the three points we have worked on most. The rest has been filling in the spaces.

What has been the biggest challenge? Since the last image of the accommodation (apartments rated 2 keys) has nothing to do with the actual...

Well, almost that. From 0 is complicated when you see the state that it is in. I think having a clear concept and in this case it was to create identity, you eliminate that initial idea of ​​what it was and you concentrate on what it will be. Almost all the planning work uses the help of a model or one of 3D to see the space bright and clean. Following from there, you project what it will be.

We can find significant areas within the hotel. Servatur gives importance to both internal and external customers and in this case the staff are the main characters of various murals of the property.

Correct. I return to the idea of ​​identity. The intention with these elements was to create comfort and intimacy. Not just a hotel, it is almost a family hotel, where you go and will be treated in a very personalized way. This intimacy we wanted to transmit it everywhere... Hence the welcoming gestures on the murals that are repeated at the entrance as well as in the restaurant area.

What is the area that has given you the most satisfaction?

I prefer the more personal elements, as is the library, that is, pure and simple design, creating from 0, from being absent to existing. They were in my head and from there they have taken shape in the space. And also the area of the restaurant's dishes.

What conclusions can you make from this work?

The achievement with the customer has been completely satisfactory. I would like to thank the trust of Servatur, Pilar and Santiago, now that we know each other from another side, and opting for me. And I think that this choice and this trust received has been reflected in the final result where we have all been left satisfied and happy.